• Image of The Empowered Goddess Coloring & Workbook Reg. $16.95

The Empowered Goddess Adult Coloring & Workbook is 31 pages of black & white drawings full of creative eye candy to stimulate your heart, mind & soul.

Many of us as children loved coloring books because they were a relaxing activity that was fun, calming and a great distraction. It was art that we could effortlessly create without the pressure of being an Artist. A way of expressing ourselves vicariously through images that we loved, free of the boundaries of perfection.

The images in this book are a collection of new and previously created images that were redrawn and converted into black & white line drawings. This book was designed for Sunday afternoons, cozy evenings with wine or chai tea or anytime that you feel like spending some quality time with your self.

My hope is that every time that you sit down to color the world within these pages that you reawaken your ability to design your own beautiful & colorful world. Empowered by the fact that as a Goddess you make your own rules, knowing now that you are free to color outside of the lines.

*For best results colored pencils are recommended!