If you have ever purchased Yes Lioness products for yourself or as a gift, you know the effect it has on people! You will receive both compliments and questions about your item. Yes Lioness represents Beauty, Style and exudes self confidence in the women who wear it. Even men & children Love Yes Lioness products so if you do too, then why not get paid to promote them! 

My affiliate program is simple to follow and easy to integrate into your life. 

Affiliates are required to:

1. Download and print your affiliate cards to give to friends, family and people you meet who inquire about your Yes Lioness products or who you feel might want to become a potential customer.

2. Create your Yes Lioness affiliate code and email it to yeslioness@gmail.com subject line :" My Discount Code"

3. Post pictures of yourself clearly displaying your Yes Lioness product and captioning it with the @yeslioness1 Instagram profile an website link.

4. Repost an image of your choice, to your social media pages from the @yeslioness1 Instagram or Facebook.com/yeslioness at least once per week. 

5 That's it!--------------------------------------

Affiliates receive 15% of each sale made when your customer uses your discount code at check out. *YOUR CODE MUST BE USED DURING CHECKOUT BY YOUR CUSTOMER TO RECEIVE CREDIT FOR THE SALE.

Your funds are distributed directly to you electronically via Paypal.com from Yes Lioness Arts on the 1st of each month.

Each quarter you will be emailed a copy of the spreadsheet listing how many times your code was used. You may request a screen shot to track your sales at anytime for your records.

If you have any questions, please call 646-467-0950 Mon-Friday 9am-7pm EST.

I look forward to working with you to expand Yes Lioness products and to reach even more people to enjoy these beloved creations. 

Join the Yes Lioness Team and Let's make money together!